Thursday, March 1, 2012

Superstitions or War...

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Day

Why is that silly little saying at the top of the page? Well let me give you a brief history of the rabbits day saying:
              It's a long standing competition in my family to be the first one in the household to say "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Day."   On the first day of every month or at the new year.  If you successfully beat out everyone in your family then you 'win' good luck for the whole month or new year.  
              The history of this traditional saying comes from England, and specifically for my family, my Great Dad (a.k.a. Grandfather).  He's English, so it makes sense. 

Anyway, there are rules to the saying.  It has to be spoken where the person can hear.  So no emailing and all that.  Although I still text after I've said it almost like a 'receipt' so it's time and date stamped and they (my family) can't deny it was said.----yes, I'm *THAT* hardcore about it.

This month I was determined to win.  I did all my usual bluffing to my dad, saying he had no chance to win, etc... I went to bed and set my alarm for 11:59.  Just so I had a minuted to get my vocal chords warmed up.  I woke up said "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Day" and went back to sleep.  I was worried that no one actually heard me.  I yelled my brothers name a few times to have a witness but I can't be 100% sure he listened. 

I was dozing off again, and I heard a gumble-ly voice say "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Day" outside my bedroom door.  After panicking thinking it was a burglar, I realized it was my Dad.  Who happened to be 6 minutes late at 12:06am.  

He says he won and I say I won.   BUT if a Tree Falls in the woods and no one's there....

Anyway, I called him at work only to argue, 

This family superstition is always going to continue, and every new month will be a war zone.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Not Usually a "joiner" but....

So the whole issue of Internet censorship has crossed my path.  I was a little confused as to what SOPA and PIPA (not Middleton) actually is.  I read a little bit and now I'm writing about it.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO STOP SOPA.  Which the short version of what these Bills are is as follows: Ways for the government to regulate the internet in the USA, using the same technology China and Iran use to block certain websites in America.


Yea that's right-- the USA Government will decide what websites we can look at....etc... Have you ever read the book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie?" Then the Mouse asks for milk, then he asks for something else, an so forth.

Basically If these laws pass it wont be long till the government abuses its power and spirals out of control.

It was also INTERESTING to see that FACEBOOK has blocked users from sending out Invites for the STOP SOPA/PIPA bills from being passed.
           Yes, Facebook is the new big brother, and don't even try to delete your account (FB has your info laced through the system like a's nearly impossible to completely take yourself off the site)

Here are the links to more detailed information about SOPA:
SOPA is not Dead

This link has videos that explain what SOPA and PIPA are at: American Censorship

Seriously DO SOMETHING--- Or Get used to the below Image.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sparta Pumpkin goes GAGA

For Halloween I dressed up like a Sailor and since the costume store was out of the doggie sailor costumes --he got PUMPKIN, So for Halloween he was Sparta Pumpkin.
This is me and my little sis Tiffany, I love her!

After all the Halloween business I did a Holiday bazaar at a local Golf Club.  Contrary to me thinking it was a "bust" an adorable little girl came by with her Grandpa and cleaned out my booth.
Grandpa is basically "Da Man" in my book! and for me the BEST part was seeing people enjoy my designs and hard work! 

So then it was Homecoming at my Alma Mater (TTU.)  I had a great time overall! I was very happy to see my sisters, meet my new grand lil...and all that happy stuff.  

This weekend I have another Charity event, where again I will be donating some Whimsies to be auctioned off.

The first of December I plan to have a Whimsies Holiday Tea open house and Music Video Premiere party!  I have been working on a Whimsies promo video with my Wonderful neighbors and their Fab editing skills.  I want it to go viral on YouTube and be noticed by Ellen DeGeneres, Philip Treacy and Lady Gaga.  Tall order? naww (not if you watch it), LOL!  I mean besides my humiliation, it will be a pretty entertaining Whimsies experience.  


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feeling Blog-tastic

Long time no see? yea that's me...Sorry!
Anyway I am feeling blog-tastic today! Meaning I'm going to post a blog! 

several things have crossed my mind very recently

1.  Should I continue to take out massive amounts of loans and Go to the Royal College of Art in London?
       --Philip Treacy went there-- (I want to be his intern BAD & I love Irish People)
      -- would I get in?

I'm just thinking out loud- or on this blog!  Really though, for those of you that know me: You will know that I get antsy if things get uneventful...I've got to go travel somewhere, and I never do something small-- Last time I backpacked through Europe (granted I had a 70 lb suitcase instead) but ya know tomato- taamato!
               ** tangent** I had to carry that dang suitcase up 3 flights of stairs at this hostel in Florence run by this creepy old Italian--who decided to carry my friend's suitcase and not mine.  I started to envy those cruise ship travelers! 

2.  I NEED to Read the fine print, ultimately meaning I need to be more skeptical when I take someone's "word for it"  I've basically gotten screwed over several times already...  I guess my "give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt" idea should be re-evaluated.  That's a little bit of pessimism for the day: Note to self* Not everyone has your best interest in mind, (although I would like to think they do.) #naive 

3.  Slowly I am figuring out how Manufacturing products works.  I'm currently learning to sew clothes to match the Whimsies I make.  Ultimately I want my own clothing line, to match my whimsies!

4.  I'm trying really hard not to waste my "20's" I'm figuring out really fast that the "20's" let's be more specific, the space after you graduate college and before you get married (that's where I am) basically suck. AND here's why!
                     1.  All your BFF's move away 
                     2. I'm in my childhood town again and let's just say NO THANK YOU
                     3. Student Loan Bills start to pile up 

I will say this though, I refuse to waste them (those glorious 20's.)  I will try my darnedest to make something interesting happen (oh ya know like become a famous Milliner and fashion around the world giving motivational speeches on how this can be you as well)
     -Don't think I'm crazy, because deep down I am you and you are me, just insert whatever dream/ goal it is that you have and TRY to do it. (It's a SLOW moving process. I'm not going to lie.)

5.  For those of you who will NEVER let me forget that horrendously embarrassing music video I made of me dancing to "All the Single Ladies" (however  HOW many times I've SWORN I deleted it) GET READY....I am making a Whimsies Promo Video sure to rival my other one.
                -Apparently I have no shame, so take that into account for what is to come.
                     Think: Lady Gaga, Ellen Degeneres, Philip Treacy, puppies and Me Dancing 
                                     ***here's where you use your imagination****

6.  My puppy Sparta is adorable and he makes sitting next to one of my OBNOXIOUS 'gaseous' brothers bearable. (Don't light a Match)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Millinery & Photo Shoots & Fashion Oh My!

I want to start by saying that I've been suffering from excruciating neck pain, (that's what she said lol) neck pain that's a result from leaning over my craft table making as many Whimsies as I can.  With that being said I am sorry for not writing sooner! So I'll fill ya'll in on the shenanigans going on in my Whimsies world!

1. Whimsies by: Jules
Fascinators for the Royally Minded
(fascinator hats and hair accessories)

2. After making Whimsies (which is what English people used to call Fascinators way back when) I had to have an English inspired photo shoot to showcase them.  My friend Kelly, Owner of K'S Imagery came over to my house and kindly took the photos for me!

3. A few Photos from shoot! "K'S Imagery All rights reserved 2011"
That's me and my puppy Sparta
Tiffany my Little Sister from my Sorority <3 her 

Whimsies close up
Jinny: My Bff and Sorority Sister, too
My Favorite little girls!

Royal Table! Which consists of my awesome friends/models

4. Behind the scenes videos... a touch of embarrassment for me but we all know I have no shame.

5.  Now for a Fashion show! I am excited to announce that my fall Whimsies line will be in a Glam Stars Production called "Daring to be Bold" a red carpet affair this Saturday August 27. 
                                --Random side note* my brother Richard- who I choose to call Rich-nerd is bringing a girl with him, that I actually Like...whoooaaaahh!

6. New Names: My mother, Jane has been re-named to Mumsies.  If you're American try saying "Mumsies" with an English Accent... did you giggle? I know I did!

7. Rinse & Repeat, Meaning I started another business called BespokesModel & Talent with my friend Mindy.  It's a promotional talent agency, & eventually we will also expand into managing talent. 

Lastly, look for way more to come!  All of course focused around my Anglophile tendencies! (If you haven't noticed I'm basically obsessed with all things English and especially William and Kate.)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My New Venture: Fascinators

Today I had a massive allergy attack.  I had to double puff my inhaler because my asthma decided to go all wonky... One benadryl and two inhaler puffs later... I had made my very first batch of fascinators. (apparently I'm allergic to feathers)
I am fascinated with fascinators and I get to be very artistic.  I think of it as hair art.  So I've decided to make some to sell on Etsy.

First everyone should know that I have an affinity for England, or we can just call it obsession.  YES I was upset I didn't marry Prince William, but Harry is still available so I'm ok...for now at least.  Anyway I think my English affinity comes from my English relatives... My grandfather (great dad as I called him) was English and he was in the Royal Air force.  My Aunts apparently used to read tea leaves (I've never met them but I'll be looking them up when I pop across the pond).  I've just been drawn to this country, like something inside me just gravitates towards all things English.  Plus I love fashion, I literally wanted to go to boarding school in England just so I could wear the uniforms.  I went so far as to plan it all with my guidance counselor in 9th grade...(mom freaked and wouldn't send me) So I joined cheerleading instead, again for the cute outfits.  I once told one of my various English friends that I was Greek and English.  He replied "No you're not, I'm English, I was born in England" It was futile talking to him.
Next: the Royal wedding, I made my own fascinator bc "what was I going to wear to the wedding, on my couch at 4am in my jammies??"
I wore it to church and a few other places and people kept asking me to make them some so I finally listened and here I am making some right this very moment!

I am waiting for the rest of my millinery supplies to come in from England, Australia, and California so the pictures below are just the beginning!  In the next couple of weeks I will have a Facebook page, and Etsy store set up.

I call my fascinators whimsies.  That's what they used to be called way back when, today they are known as Fascinators.
Drum roll please! Presenting my new business! (feedback is always welcome)

Don't we all dream of that little piece of fairytale? Disney wrote about them, but why not experience it and take home your little piece of the pie? 

Royally inspired by your heart's desires!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fergie Ferg- Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson is the real Fergie, btw
Sarah Ferguson is doing a mini series on Oprah.  "Finding Sarah from Royalty to the real world" on OWN
It's definitely something to watch!

It's so beyond interesting listening to her story.  She is a name I've heard wrapped in scandal from the time I was a little girl.  Now she is telling her story in a riches to rags fashion.  I mean she literally microwaved a metal cup because she didn't know how to use microwaves!  She had four ladies in waiting...etc  It's Sarah freeing herself of her life's burdens and rebuilding her life.  Uplifting and motivational all at the same time.

I always find it enriching to see how people overcome adversity through introspection.  How can you hate someone who says "my bad" and then tries to fix it?

She asks "How do you get self worth"  it's disheartening and uplifting all at the same time.

She is a good person, a people person, and she was destroyed by the media etc.  Watching the tears well up in her eyes as she openly searches for love and acceptance from anyone makes my heart feel for her.

After all, aren't we all searching for love, acceptance & our place in the world?